Nine Simple Steps To Secure Home

Let’s make your home a little more secure by following nine simple steps 

Set rules

Indoor security must turn into a nice habit between all the members of the family and it must include kids as well, there must be a routine and the rules must be followed for instance 

  • You must always lock your window and door, this won’t take much of your energy and if you keep a note of it, it would become a habit 
  • Tell the kids that they should never open the door for a stranger 
  • Garage door must be locked all the time  
  • There must be an alarm system in the house 

Home inspections

  • some departments offer inspections where a police officer comes to your home and lets you know what all you require for making your home the safest place and they even keep budgets in mind while telling you about what all you require. 

Organized burglary

  • organize one on your own with the help of people you trust give then three minutes to take the things that are expensive, do this with people you trust and not just anyone and after this you would get to know that where the real thieves can find the things in your house and how easy it is to steal from you then you can purchase a nice safe and keep all the valuables in it 

The hidden key

  • Most of the people have a habit of keeping an extra pair of keys to their home and it’s a good thing but hiding it under the flower pot isn’t, you can give it to your neighbors if you trust them. 

Door-remotes and keys

  • Think and then keep them in a spot which is the safest and where no one other than you or the other family members would be able to find it, be smart and hide your keys and door-remotes. 

“Beware of dog”

  • does not matter if you have a dog or not, find a spot which is the most visible and there put such a sign, it actually helps a lot and you can’t just have this sign but many more and you can make these on your own or ask any of your friends for some signs if she or he has a security system 

The ladder

  • The ladder must not be left out it must always be in the garage and the garage door must be locked and the door-remove must be hidden  

The air conditioner

  • The crooks love the window air conditioners as they can easily get inside your house from the window, so do not leave them unsecured. 

Check the locks

  • By checking the locks I’m not referring to checking if they are locked all the time I’m here referring to their strength check if they are strong enough and if they are weak just change them as soon as possible, the locks must be strong if they are not burglars can easily access your house, they can easily break in. 


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