Grilled Chicken Breasts 


  • balsamic vinegar 
  • lime 
  • olive oil (two big spoons) 
  • Dijon mustard (two big spoons) 
  • Packed brown sugar (two big spoons) 
  • Worcestershire sauce (one big spoon) 
  • two minced cloves garlic 
  • thyme, dried (small spoon) 
  • oregano, dried 
  • rosemary, dried 
  • salt and ground black pepper (as per your taste) 
  • skinless, boneless chicken breasts (at least four) 
  • fresh chopped parsley leaves (two big spoons)   


  1. Take a medium-sized bowl and that bowl add vinegar, olive oil, brown sugar, lime and once done with adding all these ingredients whisk them, once done whisking add garlic, Worcestershire, thyme, rosemary, and oregano, mix again, mix properly after mixing add pepper and salt and then mix again, transfer the mixture to a cup and keep it aside
  2. Take a Ziploc bag (size- gallon) and in it add the mixture that you just made and then add chicken, lock the bag and shake it well, make sure that the chicken is properly coated, once done with the coating keep the bag aside for at least an hour and if you are not in a hurry then keep it aside for the night, do not forget to turn the bag every now and then, after one hour or the night drain your chicken.
  3. Time to preheat your grill once done heating, place your chicken on the grill and start grilling, flip it every now and then, top with the marinade, cook each side for about five minutes, once done grilling garnish your grilled chicken with parsley.


Pesto garlic knots 


  • basil leaves (one cup full) 
  • parsley leaves (half a cup) 
  • fresh Parmesan, grated and divided (four big spoons) 
  • Two Mined garlic cloves 
  • Salt and black pepper (according to your preference) 
  • olive oil (half a cup) 
  • Homemade pizza dough (you can buy from any store too, one pound) 
  • salt and black pepper 
  • melted butter (one big spoon) 


  • Take a bowl and in that bowl add basil, parmesan, garlic, and parsley, use a spoon to mix all of these ingredients and then transfer the mixture to your blender, add pepper and salt once done seasoning blend stop in between and add oil and blend again. 
  • Now it’s time to heat your oven to four hundred degrees, side by side start oiling your baking sheet with olive oil if you do not wish to use olive oil then use any spray. 
  • Dived your dough into twelve pieces, make sure that you divide equally, once done dividing roll all the pieces into a rope and then tie them, a knot is what you are required to make out of all the twelve pieces, do not forget to tuck the ends. 
  • now place the knots that you just made out of the dough onto your baking sheet the one which you just oiled or sprayed, brush all the knots using butter and a brush and in the end sprinkle parmesan, once done brushing place the knots in your oven bake for about eighteen to twenty-two minutes, serve hot and before serving brush with butter once again. 

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